Sunday, October 29, 2006

What Type of Car is THAT??

An attendee goes to a tradeshow, and how do they remember you AFTER the show? A pen, a bag...For the majority of advertisers, out of site is out of mind!

An attendee goes to a booth that contains a beautiful Ferrari ... They leave the booth thinking *Nice Ferrari* ...An attendee goes to a booth that has a never before seen GTM500 thinking *What type of Car is THIS?? ...I want to learn more about it!!*

The attendee is handed a business card, easy to retain with the web address ... And the message to go to the website to learn more about the car.

Upon going to the website the user is able to learn more about the car...What type of car it is, How fast it is, How much does it cost, etc The answers to their questions are offered to the user along with your companies marketing message, marketing material, coupons,etc .

Lastly, the user is offered a plethora of GTM500 downloads (complete with YOUR logo and branding) that they can take with them . This can be as simple as wallpaper for their PC or cellphone, and can include a car racing game - screensaver.