Monday, October 30, 2006

What makes the GTM Supercar Special

We start with perhaps the most beautiful exotic car in the world, the GTM500 Supercar (Chassis and body by with whom we have no formal affiliation). The GTM Supercar by itself is a piece of artwork that turns heads everywhere it goes. This car is 5 years in the making and is both aerodynamically correct and dollar for dollar will outperform Evey other exotic on the market.

We call these "event cars" because we make sure the media has something special to cover for every aspect of the vehicle. We call these "next-gen" because of the components and functionality of the sponsors contributions;

A 2000 pound, 500 HP Monster!

Wheels made of glass!!

Every electronic function controlled directly via embedded Touchscreen

Full onboard Intel Car PC (includes EVDO/WiFi Internet for Email/TV Streaming/Browsing/Etc!!

Chrome Paint!

Ability to control all of the car electronic via cellphone or over the Internet!
Realtime GPS tracking (offers both mapping/real time traffic/ ability to follow the cars every move via Internet)!!

More (sorry stealth mode)!